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Find women for shoeplay

Do you like shoeplay? Then you've come to the right place!

Here you will find women from your area, who are as much into shoeplay as you are!

Some foot fetishists are fascinated by shoes and embrace shoeplay. These people are into shoes, socks and stockings, basically anything that dresses the foot. Shoe and sock fetishes are closely related to foot fetishes. Many foot worshipers have a keen interest in shoes, jewelry and other foot accessories. Some shoe lovers fetishize shoes such as stilettos and sandals, others focus on unsexy varieties such as sneakers and boots.

Initially, the partner's shoes are kissed and licked, at the toes and around the ankle. High-heeled shoes and boots get a lot of attention among foot fetishists. Stockings, pantyhose and socks can be used for appearing attractive to people with a sexual preference for feet and shoes. To find the best kink, fetishists appreciate a little fashion show.

Feet are an intimate part of the body and are covered in everyday life. They are perceived by some people as sensual and erotic, similar to how other covered body parts are sexy (breasts, buttocks). In many cases, the fetish springs from the fantasy of being close to and touching a body part that is off-limits to strangers.

The shoe admirer sees himself in the role of the submissive. Certain people like to hold shoes and heels in front of their face to soak in the smell. Some men put their penis into the shoes and use them as a masturbation aid. Being under someone's foot is the lowest point one can reach, symbolic of the dynamics of power.

It doesn't work without communication

Not everyone reacts positively as soon as their partner tells them about their interest in feet and shoes. Revealing the kink can be unnerving, but honesty about sex is a positive sign. The man comes out by saying that he finds his partner's feet attractive and that he prefers a certain model of shoe. He can show his interest in feet by offering to massage your feet after a long day. As the story progresses, he will ask to kiss feet and shoes during sex. It should be clarified whether shoeplay is a prelude to a sexual act.

Sneaker Fetish

Branded sneakers can become an object of desire. Especially in the gay scene, this fetish is lived out with faceless photos and videos. The virgin pair of shoes, freshly bought, is treated and preserved like a work of art. Buyers know that paying a high price for shoes is meaningful because they have a famous name and are limited edition. So why not show them being corrupted and destroyed? The range goes from worn and stained shoes to destroyed specimens. Some pictures show sexually charged scenes, in others it is not clear what is behind them.

High heel fetish

Shoes with a heel height of more than 5 cm are considered as high heels. They reached western industrialized countries at the beginning of the 20th century. Wearing high heels results in a changed weight distribution and an upright posture. The chest and buttocks are prominently highlighted. Many men and women cannot escape the erotic effect of this appearance and gait. Both sexes love licking and kissing high heeled shoes.


In a sockjob, a woman or man massages the male partner's penis with stockinged feet. It is possible for a female partner to have toes inserted into the vagina with socks on. The better-known sexual practice is the footjob, where the acts are performed barefoot. In the SM environment, socks are used like gags that are stuffed into the mouth. Dirty socks need to be cleaned for humiliation.

Foot Sniffing

Normally, feet should be clean and smell good. This however, does not apply to foot sniffing. The smell of sweaty and unwashed feet is absorbed and appreciated like a bitter scent. A preference shared by both men and women. The foot odor after wearing nylons or after jogging is the greatest feeling for many fetishists. They love to sniff and inhale the smell of feet, socks and shoes. For some, the tart and cheesy smell can’t get strong enough.

Toe Sucking

Toe sucking is arousing and pleasurable for many people, both giving and receiving. It's an important part of the foot fetish, and this may be related to early childhood memories. The active partner enjoys his part and the reaction of the other person. For the recipient, sucking on her toes feels comfortable: toes and feet, with their many nerve endings, are extremely sensitive (ticklish feet). This makes it a fantastic addition to foreplay.

Foot Worshiping

Ideally, footplay is mutually enjoyable. A foot massage gives a great feeling and serves as a precursor to other sexual activities. The many nerve endings in the foot make it an erogenous zone.

The worship of feet has historical precedence: figures of saints in churches whose toes were half kissed off, or the binding of feet in ancient China. For the girls, the desired ideal of beauty was an ordeal that caused irreparable damage.

Foot Adoration

Some foot fetishists want to idolize a woman by paying special attention to her feet. They like to massage, caress and pamper the feet of women. The practice is also shared by same-sex couples. Foot adoration is a central theme in power games: feet are useful tools when it comes to submission and dominance.

Touching and rubbing another person's feet is intimate, worship is the logical next step. Feet are put under a lot of stress throughout the day and usually don't get the attentive care they deserve. For foot fetishists, this results in an erotic element. The foot worshiper's job is to adore that which is underappreciated.

Foot slave

Within the SM practices, one of the tasks of the foot slave is to regularly take care of his dominatrix's feet. The focus is on massage and foot care, or painting your toenails. As the name suggests, the slave lives at the feet of his mistress, whom he is allowed to kiss on express permission. The foot slave lives to serve his mistress' feet.

If he doesn't lick her toes enough, he will be beaten and tormented. Mistakes and penalties are staged with relish. For the slave with a foot fetish, all this is a treat and he loves to lie under his mistress' sweaty feet.

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