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Foot slave market

Are you a foot slave looking for a mistress? Or are you looking for a foot slave? Then register right away!

FootjobDates is one of the biggest foot slave markets!

Foot slavery is all about the (mostly female) foot. Feet take on a dominant role and the slave does everything to make sure that the feet are doing well. The background to this form of play is foot fetishism, which is actually relatively widespread and here goes beyond the mere desire of the foot as a sexually attractive body part. Theoretically, of course, it would also be possible for a female foot slave to take care of her master's or mistress's feet, but the foot fetish is more common in men and so in reality it happens rather rarely.

How widespread is the fetish?

When it comes to foot slavery, a distinction must be made between the foot fetish and this particular form, which is also about (female) dominance. The foot fetish itself is relatively widespread. For example, even in ancient China, women with small, delicate feet were considered rare beauties. This took on such extreme implications that women at that time bound their feet together until they were the size of a girl's foot even in adulthood - a practice that lasted for centuries. Nowadays we find healthy and well-groomed feet beautiful and erotic. The foot fetish applies almost exclusively to men, although there are of course some women who are also into it. But for a foot slave to emerge from the fetish, someone who also has fantasies of dominance is needed. The foot, which is perceived as erotic anyway, then becomes a symbol for the dominance of the partner, which is also obvious. After all, the foot walks on the floor all day - why not then also in beautiful high heels on the foot slave?

Which types of foot slavery do exist?

Each couple has its own way of doing the foot slave. If the fetish is only slightly marked, the dominant part will only have to bring the feet into play for a short time and it will make the slave happy. If more fantasies play a role, these are more likely to be acted out. In addition, there is a difference between whether a couple is in a love relationship or not. Lovers naturally want to have sex with each other and therefore incorporate foot fantasies into their sexuality as a couple; the goal of their games is usually sex. However, two people who are not in love can also meet to live out the foot fetish. Here it can, but does not necessarily have to come to sex, often it does not and it is only about the feet and the associated tasks as a foot slave. In such relationships, other dominant fantasies can come into play, for example, the foot slave must first get his feet by fulfilling certain tasks and challenges.

Which fantasies play a role?

Foot slaves are not only foot fetishists, but also have various dominant fantasies. A pure foot fetishist will be happy with being able to look at (female) feet, touch them and include them in sexuality without the sexual partner having to notice more than an occasional pleasant foot massage. A foot slave wants to be dominated. This is not just about any form of dominance, it has to focus on the foot. For example, he wants to clean it, massage it, always have to be under it on the floor. Foot slaves are not necessarily automatically into BDSM practices, but associate these thoughts with the foot. Every foot slave has his own, usually very detailed and individual fantasies and desires.

What do men in particular like about it?

Why are there actually so many male foot slaves, but hardly any women who want to take on this role? The background is the distribution of the fetish across the sexes. Fantasies of being dominated are known to both. There are both female slaves and male slaves in about equal distribution. Foot slaves, on the other hand, have a foot fetish and this tends to be a male domain. While practically all men are into beautiful stockings, relatively many men also have a foot fetish. Just as other men are obsessed with female breasts, long hair or similar sexual characteristics, they want their partner's feet to be included in lovemaking. Foot slaves associate this fetish with the desire to be dominated by their partner. A foot slave wants to be shown where his place is through the most erotic part of his partner's body, because this connects two fetishes.

Which practices do exist?

A foot slave usually has precise ideas about what he wants, so you can follow his descriptions. Nevertheless, there are some practices that most foot slaves like:

  • Trampling
  • Shoeplay
  • Feet Sniffing

In which different ways is this fetish performed?

There are different ways in which a foot slave can live out his fetish. First, of course, there is the possibility of paying a partner to fulfil exactly the fantasies that the man has. Here it depends exactly on his desires, so that he enjoys it and gets exactly what he wants. Some foot slaves only buy their shoes and socks from women and do not wish to have closer contact with the lady who wore them. In the fetish field it is not so rare that people with the same fetish meet each other just to live out their fantasies and not out of love. It does not turn into a relationship, but into a community for the fulfilment of the most secret fantasies. Even in some relationships there are such arrangements when the partner can't do anything with her husband as a foot slave and also doesn't want to forbid him to live out the fetish. Of course, it is especially nice when the foot slave in a love relationship is accepted as he is. It is important to understand each other so that the partner knows what her husband wants and which fantasies are going through his mind.

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