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The “sneaker fetish” - erotic games with sneakers

The world of eroticism is particularly diverse and thus offers the right genre for every taste. Objects and certain items of clothing are used. However, these are not just the usual toys, lingerie or high heels. Everyday objects can also be included in the erotic game. After all, shoes generally play an extremely important role in sexuality. That's also why it’s not surprising that the so-called “sneaker fetish” developed out of the fondness for footwear, though it can come to expression in very different behaviors.

The “sneaker fetish” and its meaning

A “sneaker fetich” is, as the name suggests, a special fondness for a very specific shoe. The sneaker is not only beautiful to look at, and good to use for sporting activities. It can also significantly enrich the love life of followers of the notorious “sneaker fetish”. With this unique preference, choosing the right shoe is of particular importance. After all, not every sneaker is suitable for increasing sexual desire. As with any other fetish, the preference for sneakers is different for each person, and must therefore be considered in a differentiated manner. Thus, the preferences regarding the preferred footwear are also fundamentally different. However, eye-catching and unique branded shoes, in the high-price segment, are extremely popular. A cheap sneaker is rarely perceived as particularly attractive. The choice of the right material is also crucial in order to be able to trigger erotic thoughts in the followers of the “sneaker fetish” Genuine leather is particularly popular for so-called “shoeplay”, which can be understood as the playful putting on and taking off, of shoes. This is primarily a fetish that is common among homosexual men. The sneaker is therefore considered the male counterpart to the female high heel.

How the “Sneaker Fetish” is acted out

This particular form of shoe fetishism can be acted out in many different ways. Some followers enjoy playing with the sneaker and use the shoe as a sex toy. During the satisfaction of sexual cravings, the shoe moves into the center of interest and thus functions as an object that increases pleasure. There are several ways the sneaker can be incorporated into lovemaking. In general, however, no other sexual partner is required. The lust is mostly satisfied by masturbating with the help of the shoe. The subsequent ejaculation usually takes place on or in the footwear. A thorough smelling and licking of the sneaker increases the sexual arousal of the “sneaker fetishist” enormously beforehand. However, if a second person is involved in this erotic game, “shoeplaying” can quickly bring the viewer to ecstasy. The other person plays with the sneaker and finally touches it with their bare toes.

The women's shoe as an object of desire

The fascination with high heels and the associated “high heel fetish” is a well-known and very common phenomenon. However, the focus is not only on simply looking at the shoe. For most shoe fetishists, the pleasurable act of playing with high-heeled pumps is particularly beguiling. Here, too, the feeling of pleasure is increased by smelling and licking the high heels. Many men increase their pleasure by licking or sucking their partner's toes and smelling their feet as well. This is referred to as “toe sucking” and “feet sniffing” in the fetish scene. A slight smell of sweat in the shoes as well as on the feet is perceived as particularly arousing by the majority of foot and shoe fetishists. Here, too, leather is described as the preferred material, as it has a distinctive odor of its own. When the smell of leather finally combines with the individual foot smell of the wearer, a special potpourri of exciting fragrances is formed. This smell alone gives many foot lovers sexual satisfaction. However, this fetishism is not necessarily linked to the use of high heels or other high-heeled shoes. Other variants such as boots, ballerinas or sneakers can also be useful as objects of pleasure.

In addition to shoes, stockings or socks are also very often used during lovemaking. Foot fetishists are aroused by the fact that the partner stimulates the penis with their feet while wearing stockings. Touching the stockings and the resulting friction seems to intensify the sensation many times over. This consequently leads to a more intense arousal. A particularly popular material in this case is nylon, which is used for suspenders and pantyhose. This sexual practice is also known as a “sockjob”. This is a special form of the so-called “footjob”. With this type of activity, the stimulation is done with bare feet. Both approaches usually end in ejaculation on the feet and is one of the most popular sexual practices among foot fetishists. However, these only form a small part of the possible sexually motivated procedures. Foot and shoe fetishism is also very often associated with the Sado-Maso scene. The scene is particularly famous and notorious for its harsh sexual practices.

The use of feet for sadomasochistic purposes

When the topics of sexuality and fetishism are discussed, a brief look into the world of sadomasochism, or BDSM for short, should of course not be left out. Foot and shoe fetishists can also get their money's worth in a somewhat harder scene like this one. The term “foot slave” is particularly common in this practice. This is usually used by dominatrixes to punish their clients. A so-called “foot slave” primarily has to take care of the feet of his dominatrix. The terms “foot worship” and “foot adoration” are also often used here. This can include a massage or cleaning of the feet. Cleaning is usually done by thoroughly licking or sucking on the toes or feet of the dominatrix. This approach is used deliberately to humiliate the client. However, it is primarily carried out for his satisfaction. However, the latter must give his express consent before each session in order to be able to carry out the respective practices properly. In addition, all limits are usually thoroughly discussed and defined in advance.

The possibilities in the field of eroticism and sexuality are particularly wide-ranging. If you look at the different types of fetishism, you can find a completely separate and comprehensive subject area for every preference. Almost no genre remains untouched and hardly a wish is left unfulfilled. Special tendencies such as the “sneaker fetish” or the shoe fetish in general are therefore a very important part of the fetish scene.

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