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The Erotic Art of “Foot Sniffing”

The feet are a particularly important part of the body, which should always be nurtured and cared for. After all, they will ideally carry their owners through their whole life. Sadly though, pedicures are very often neglected. Some people even feel a certain dislike for their own feet and those of others. However, there are also people who can't get enough of them and develop a real fetish for feet. Therefore, the foot is the focus of interest for many foot fetishists. This has developed into a very special preference for some. More precisely, the so-called “feet sniffing” fetich, which is a well-known term in the fetish scene.

What exactly does the term “foot sniffing” mean?

The term “foot sniffing” is another way of saying “smelling feet”. This can be found mainly in the fields of eroticism and fetishes. In general, it can be described as the pleasurable smelling of - preferably strangers' - feet. This usually leads the foot fetishist to complete ecstasy. This type of sexual satisfaction sometimes includes a certain foot odor, which is often essential for “foot sniffing”. A particularly popular scent is a light and individual smell of sweat. Many fetishists also report being particularly aroused by a mixture of sweat and leather. The leather smell should ideally come from worn shoes. But mere smelling is often not enough for many followers of this fetish to be able to live out their sexual desires.

Foot sucking as an extended form of foot sniffing

A special variant of foot sniffing is foot sucking. With this procedure, sucking the foot is the focus of interest. The slow sucking on the heel or the ball of the foot increases the feeling of pleasure many times over. This type of satisfaction also includes “Toe Sucking”. The individual toes of the partner are sucked and licked. In most cases, this method inevitably leads to the orgasm of the foot fetishist. An ejaculation on the coveted foot is usually a particularly central and important part of this sexual practice.

However, there is also a somewhat harder practice for gaining sexual pleasure. The Sado-Maso scene offers a market for very special preferences. Followers of the scene can put themselves entirely at the service of their mistress as “foot slaves”. These are fully responsible for the pedicure of the dominating lady. In addition to massages, care usually also includes cleaning with the slave's tongue. He licks and sucks the toes and the rest of the mistress's foot until they have been sufficiently cleaned. This particular form of sexual practice is also known as “foot worship” and "foot adoration". In most cases, followers of this fetishism pay a considerable sum to a dominatrix, who is responsible for their humiliation and punishment. However, this practice takes place with the full consent of the “foot slave” The exercise of power and oppression is expressly desired in this case and serves the sexual gratification of the subordinate.

Why some men get ecstatic when they see female feet

Merely the thought of female feet gives many foot lovers erotic thoughts. The lustful smelling, sucking and nibbling on a woman's toes or feet is part of an exciting and extremely satisfying fantasy for some men. The erotic game with the feet is particularly versatile and can be lived out in different ways. Some gentlemen find their absolute fulfillment in “footjobs” performed by their partners. The penis is stimulated with the foot until orgasm is reached. Nylon stockings are often used in this game. Tights and hold-up stockings are considered to be particularly stimulating in this case. This practice is known as a “sockjob” and it excites many a foot lover far more than barefoot stimulation.

Worn stockings and socks are considered to be particularly exclusive products in the world of foot fetishists. The used clothes business has been booming for a number of years. The smell of the stockings also plays an important role in this business. The longer these are worn, the more popular they become for fans of foot sniffing. An intense smell of sweaty feet is often described as particularly stimulating. For this reason, stockings that have been worn for several days in a row during sports are a very popular object for satisfying pleasure.

The Famous “High Heel Fetish”

Another form of foot fetishism is the extremely popular “High Heel Fetish”. This type of love for shoes is a particularly common phenomenon. The mere sight of female feet in high heels is usually enough to put the other person in an erotic mood. However, many a foot lover turns out to be a pure shoe fetishist. The presence of a partner is usually not absolutely necessary in order to be able to live out the sexual desires. Sniffing the high heel and licking the heels is a particularly popular practice to increase pleasure. With this preference, the focus is also primarily on the individual scent of the shoe. The smell of slightly sweaty feet paired with old leather is extremely popular in the fetish scene and is therefore often referred to as the preferred potpourri among the many different scents.

In addition to the well-loved high heels, other shoes are often chosen to be the center of desire. The type of shoe varies greatly. The fetish can revolve around sneakers, ballerinas, boots, but also flip-flops. In addition to the smell, the material is always decisive for the choice of the right shoe. Cheap shoes tend to be less revered than high-priced branded shoes. In this case, quality is of the utmost importance.

The propagation of “Foot Sniffing”

“Foot Sniffing” is already very common today, but is mostly lived out in its fullest form behind closed doors. Many followers of the fetish are ashamed of this particular preference. However, the porn industry has shown that this practice is much more popular and well-known than you might think. In recent years, countless movies and magazines have been released on this subject. The rapid rise also speaks volumes about the ever increasing success of this genre.

There are no limits to the imagination. The market for “Foot Sniffing” has been growing steadily for several years and offers a variety of different content for lovers of these extraordinary sexual practices.

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