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Feet are a sign of beauty in many cultures. Nails are carefully painted, feet are wrapped in beautiful shoes and attractive stockings. It is therefore not surprising that the Foot fetish is one of the most popular fetishes. There are several ways to live out one's sexual preferences. One form of foot fetish is the so-called “sockjob” There are multiple practices and ways of practicing this fetish. What makes feet so attractive? You will find everything you need to know about the “sockjob” below.

The attractiveness of feet

Feet are cared for and put in the limelight. A foot fetish is now referred to as a fetish, but it is more of a sexual preference. In the same was as some men or women have a sexual preference for human breasts, lips, mouths and other body parts, foot fetishists prefer human feet. The feet are also in the foreground with the “Sockjob”.

Feet look aesthetically and erotically attractive for many people dressed in stylish shoes with painted nails. As a result, over time various sexual preferences centered around a person's feet have evolved. Videos or pictures of feet with or without socks are particularly popular. But foot massages are also practiced between lovers all over the world. It becomes clear that a fetish is difficult to distinguish from other sexual preferences. In the medical sense, one speaks of fetishism when the sexual preference lasts for at least six months, urgent needs arise and lead to various impairments. By definition, a “sockjob” is more of a preference than a fetish. If the preference for the “sockjob” restricts the love life, lasts for several months and there is a kind of dependency on the sexual desire for the “sockjob”, then it is a fetish.

What is a “sockjob”?

The name tells a lot about this fetish. In order to understand what a “sockjob” is, it must be differentiated from the “foot job”. What is a "Footjob”? A “footjob” involves rubbing your bare feet on your partner's genitals. This requires some skill, but is very arousing for many people. The most common form is penetration of the penis with the feet. This practice is practiced by both men and women and is very popular.

In contrast, with a “sockjob” you wear socks or stockings during lovemaking. In a “sockjob” the penetration of genitals does not take place with bare feet, but with socks. With this foot fetish you desire a person's feet, but at the same time you also have a preference for beautiful stockings or socks.

Foot fetish and its history

In recent years, billions of search queries have been evaluated and it has been found that foot fetishes are widespread. In fact, this sexual preference is known all over the world and among both straight and gay lovers.

There are many myths around the world about human feet. In the Far East, it used to be common to break and bandage large feet to shorten the length of a foot. Only small feet were considered attractive and beautiful. Graceful feet were associated with fertility and eroticism. This ideal has changed over time. Beauty is known to be in the eye of the beholder. So now every foot fetishist has their individual preferences in terms of the shape and size of a man's or a woman's feet. Some prefer painted nails, while others admire the pure, natural beauty.

The preference for high heels, sneakers or socks and stockings is also widespread. You want to touch women and men with socks, as is the case with the “sockjob" and without socks and shoes to be sexually satisfied. Even at a distance, many people satisfy their sexual desires by buying worn socks or stockings. The internet makes it easier to access your individual sexual needs.

Sockjob types and practices

The classic “sockjob” revolves around satisfying your partner, by rubbing your feet on their privates. However, this is not done barefoot, but with socks. For example, the penis is rubbed between the toes or penetrated with two feet. There are other types and practices of “sockjobs” as well.

Trampling involves walking over parts of your partner's body or the entire body with your feet in socks. Some prefer very specific movements with their feet on the body. Like being trampled or jumped on. This practice is perceived as a massage and has a long tradition in the Far East. When it comes to trampling, some preferences go even further. Instead of walking the body in socks or barefoot, some people prefer certain types of shoes. High heels are particularly popular. Men or women dressed in high heels, with or without socks, walk over their partner's body.

Another way of practicing a “sockjob” or integrating it into lovemaking is what is known as “foot sniffing”. Smelling feet is the focus of pleasure. Here, too, the preferences differ fundamentally. Some smell and caress clean, bare feet just after showering. Others, on the other hand, prefer feet dressed in socks or stockings and smelling them. In this case, it is a “sockjob” practice that is incorporated into lovemaking. If you don't have a partner with whom you can live out this fantasy, there is the possibility of buying used socks or stockings on the internet. These are packed airtight before shipping. Smelling the socks that have already been worn gives pleasure and satisfaction. It is not uncommon for the socks to be rubbed on one's own genitals or used to masturbate.

Another preference is aimed at sniffing feet that have an intense smell. For this purpose, the socks are worn in shoes for several hours or days and then kept on during lovemaking. The intense smell and the forbidden, dirty experience are beguiling.

“Sockjobs” and BDSM

BDSM consists of dominance and submission. A “sockjob” is often integrated into lovemaking. There are various options that satisfy the preferences of both partners. The socked feet are tied and ropes are used to pleasure the dominant partner's privates. Alternatively, the dominant partner uses their feet to provide satisfaction to their submissive partner with a “sockjob”. The fantasies and possibilities are just as numerous as the preferences of a person. A “sockjob” is often combined with other love games, but can also be at the center of a person's desires.

The “sockjob” is a widespread sexual preference. With the “Sockjob” you wear socks during the lovemaking and masturbate your partner with your feet. Contact between socks, feet and genitals is perceived as arousing and satisfying. The “sockjob” is lived out differently depending on individual preferences and expanded to include some sexual components, as is the case with BDSM, among other things.

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