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Meet women for toe sucking and foot sucking

You like to lick feet with your tongue and suck toes? Then you are a “Shrimper”! Register now and find women who like it just as much as you!

Here you will find women in your area who share your fetish!

Foot fetishism takes many different forms. Some people adore decorated feet, be it with chains and rings, tattoos or nail polish. Others prefer feet in high heels, socks, stockings, anything is possible. The oral pampering of the female - and more rarely, the male - foot and its toes is referred to by the terms Toe Sucking and Feet Sucking, has become increasingly popular.

Toe sucking focuses on pampering the individual toes; foot sucking encompasses the entire lower foot area. These preferences are expressed in the SM environment, and played out in submissive and dominant roles: submissiveness and adoration versus leadership and claim to dominance. Sexual interest in feet, toes and ankles has been practiced in initiated circles since Roman times.

With the proliferation of the internet, many hidden pleasure-enhancing preferences have become known and popularized in society. Today, a large part of the adult population has a connection to foot fetishes in various forms. No wonder: apart from the genitals, the feet are the most sexualized body parts.

Where does the fascination for the foot fetish come from? We walk around on our feet all day, they carry us through most of our lives. They don't always get the love and care they need. The intimacy of approaching a neglected body part is what excites foot fetishists and encourages submissive acts.

The actions surrounding toe sucking and foot sucking are varied: kissing and sucking toes, watching foot videos, photographing partner's feet, rubbing sweaty feet after exercise. Foot fetishism also includes genital stimulation with feet as well as inhaling and describing foot odor.

What makes the foot fetish interesting?

Many nerves end in the tips of the toes, turning these parts of the body into highly sensitive pleasure centers. The optical charms of female legs also stimulate men. Shape and size, movement and step are attractive. The erotic effect is enhanced by jewelry such as toe rings, anklets and painted toenails. Playing with feet and sucking toes is part of early childhood discoveries. These positive experiences are likely to have an after-effect in the subconscious.

Differences between Toe Sucking and Foot Sucking

It takes open communication to indulge this passion. Misunderstandings should be cleared up and clarified at an early stage. If both sides agree, nothing stands in the way of the pleasurable action. As with all sexual activity, a slow approach is recommended. The foreplay begins with a foot massage where the fingertips stimulate the skin in soft circular motions.

The receiving partner in foot sucking is being primed for oral contact. Kissing, licking and nibbling are all parts of the pampering program, which at the same time drives and excites the performer. The saliva replaces any massage oil as soon as the big toe of the adored partner is caressed by the mouth. Lips and tongue move on and stimulate the other toes.


The accomplished art of toe sucking is called shrimping. The modification of the term is related to the similarity to the eponymous shrimp and the slurping practiced by enthusiasts. Shrimping can be actively performed by a dominatrix by penetrating the slave's mouth with her toes.

With foot sucking, the entire tip of the foot is sucked into the mouth and spoiled. The dominant person can force mouth entry. The ultimate pleasure in toe sucking and foot sucking is the licking of leftover food and one's own ejaculation. A brutal variant in the SM game consists in the barefoot mistress giving a kick in the testicles, for which the beaten one compensates with oral caresses of the dearly beloved feet.

Toe Sucking and Foot Sucking Positions

In the standard position, the woman sits elevated and presents her feet to her partner for oral treatment. This position is obvious, allows easy access and offers multiple visual stimuli. There are more sophisticated positions that allow for intercourse and toe sucking at the same time.


The man lies on his back and receives a blowjob from his lady, who kneels above him and presents her buttocks and offers his mouth toes and feet for toe sucking and foot sucking. This position offers paradisiacal views to those lying down. It can be carried out in all personal constellations.

T Strap

In this form of toe sucking, both partners lie on their sides, the woman assumes a perpendicular position and bends her knees to allow the man to penetrate her deeply while orally sucking her toes. A position for connoisseurs.

Erotic fantasies

Foot sucking on barefoot partners satisfies biological and power aspects. Footwear is important to some people. Socks and hosiery, heels and boots have many worshipers of this fetish (shoeplay).

Humiliation and exaggeration

Performing and taking up toe sucking and foot sucking automatically assign roles to the actors. The spoiler makes himself small by his position and activity, the mistress enjoys her power.

Humiliation is a psychological element of foot fetish. Feet are viewed as a lower part of the body, “below” the human being. This is attractive to many who like to feel “under” in relation to their partner. They enjoy having someone else's feet on their body and being put in their place.

In the power game of submission and domination, the feet are of great importance. The subject finds satisfaction in submitting and being dominated so that he can worship feet. It is arousing for him to kneel at his partner's feet while toe sucking and foot sucking, worshiping her and being humiliated by her. The more submissive the position, the more exciting the pleasure.


A pedicure, a foot wash, satisfies the foot fetish and ensures well-groomed feet. The plot can be supplemented by painting the toenails. Successful actions are recorded with a selfie.


Some people with a foot fetish love the genital stimulation (footjob) provided by rubbing their feet. These slide over the penis, ride up and down the erect shaft. The vagina - as well as the anus - are spoiled by the penetration of toes. In a harder version, the tip of the foot is inserted anally (similar to fisting).

For a sexy footjob position, the man lies on his back, the woman sits between his legs and places her feet on the top of his thighs. Then her feet are placed tightly around the penis and moved. Both partners can use their hands for additional stimulation.


This variant of the role-playing game, which is lived actively and passively, is popular among people with an affinity for SM. The body of the reclining person serves as a kind of carpet over which someone can walk (tramp) barefoot. In the most common variant, a dominatrix walks over her servant. This type of game combines well with toe sucking and foot sucking.

Foot Sniffing

Another variant of toe sucking and foot sucking is sniffing. The smells of feet and toes are thoroughly inhaled and enjoyed. Not only fragrant zones are in demand, on the contrary, many lovers are turned on by sweaty feet, for example after sport or after a long day at work.

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