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Trampling - a special variant of foot fetishism

Trampling means “to trample on someone or something” or “to trample something”. In the fetish area, however, the term trampling has a not quite so brutal meaning. Here the game is played with different roles, with dominance and submission. Trampling also plays an increasing role in the field of sadomasochism. The focus is always on actions with the feet.

How is the term trampling used? Is the term common?

Trampling is a term that combines pleasure and sometimes pain with dominance and submission at the same time. A passive partner makes his body available in such a way that the active partner can use it as a catwalk. There are different variants of trampling. Depending on personal preference, the clothing of the active partner, usually a woman, varies a great deal.

It is essential that with this type of foot fetishism there is physical contact between the two partners. In some variants, the active partner walks on the body of the passive partner, in other variants the active partner's feet are used by the passive partner in various ways as objects of pleasure.

The term trampling is becoming more and more widespread in fetish circles and can now also be found on the most well-known erotic websites.

How common is the fetish?

Playing with dominance and submissive devotion finds an intense expression in foot fetishism, especially in trampling. The dominant part carries out the humiliation by means of trampling, the submissive part endures it. The different variants, with bare feet, stockinged feet or even with different shoes, are widespread. The intensity with which the feet are used is also adapted to the needs of the partner and is of increasing interest.

What are the different types of trampling?

Depending on the passion, there are different types of this foot fetishism. They differ in the way the feet are used, the way the feet are dressed, and the way the passive partner handles the active partner's feet.

The partner as a carpet:

In this type of game, the passive partner is used as a sort of catwalk or carpet. The active partner walks on the body of the passive partner either with bare feet or in stockings or shoes and humiliates them. The passive, submissive partner perceives this as a gain in pleasure, as does the active partner, who can live out his dominant inclination.

Trampling barefoot

Barefoot trampling is one of the softer variants in which the passive partner feels the bare feet of the active partner on their body.

Nylon trampling

In this variant, the active partner, dressed in nylons, can either walk on the passive partner's body or let the passive partner caress the stockinged feet. This can take the form of kissing or licking or toe sucking. Depending on the inclination, the smell of the feet or the stockings (feet sniffing) or even the shoes play a further stimulating role, a variant of shoe fetishism. The practice of the so-called sockjob also falls into this category of nylon trampling. The active partner spoils the passive partner's penis with her nylon-clad feet. Other stockings can also be used here or the activities of the partners can be changed. The male partner can stimulate the woman's vagina with his stockinged feet.

Cock trampling

Here the partner steps on the penis or the testicles of the passive partner with her feet. If she wears shoes, possibly with heels, there is a very high risk of injury. Therefore, this practice should not be performed in such a way that the partner stands with her weight on her partner's genitals or uses sharp-edged shoes.

Face trampling

The partner's feet either work the passive partner's face or the passive partner licks the active partner's feet.

Weight trampling

In this variant of foot fetishism, the passive partner is stimulated by heavier weight on his body. This can be done either by a partner who have a high weight or by several active partners who walk or stand on the body of the passive partner at the same time.

Trampling by kicking

This type of trampling belongs to the field of sado-masochism, in which the active partner kicks the body of the passive partner with bare feet or with shoed feet. In this case the footwear is as pointed as possible, with higher heels, in order to cause pain to the submissive partner. This variant of foot fetishism is very prone to cause injuries. Therefore, care should be taken to avoid trampling certain areas of the body. This includes the abdominal cavity, the kidney area, the neck and spine area.

Which fantasies play a role in trampling?

Various fantasies lead to one or the other variant of trampling. What they all have in common is that they feel a gain in pleasure through the practice of humiliation. The passive, submissive partner even feels like a foot slave, and is worked on by the mistress' feet or has to spoil the mistress' feet on command. In addition to humiliation, inflicting and receiving painful treatments can also lead to pleasure gain. The fantasy of submission on the one hand and power on the other is lived out through trampling. The game between closeness and distance, which is realized through the different positions of the partners, can mean exciting role-playing games and pleasure.

What do men in particular find attractive about women's feet?

The fantasies that lead to the many variants of trampling play a major role here. Being humiliated by a woman in high heels, feeling the pointy heel on your body and seeing the tension in your partner's foot can be attractive to men. Whether the feet are bare or in stockings also plays a part. The high level of attraction to the female foot, for the male partner, can also be caused by the proximity of the respective brain areas to one another. The brain areas of the feet, the toes and the genitals are close together. This can lead to high levels of arousal.

Trampling intersects in many ways with other possible fetish types. Shoe fetishism is often part of trampling and is practiced in the form of “shoeplay”.

All variants should have in common the avoidance of injuries and compliance with hygiene measures. This is essential to avoid minimizing pleasure at the expense of injury or infection. It is also important that the agreements made with the partner are kept, since the passive partner can only surrender to the active partner if there is a trusting atmosphere.

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